On the Verge: Eric Leva

Eric Leva Live In Studio

Twenty-year old Eric Leva, student of both the New England Conservatory of Music and Berklee, stopped by the WERS studios to perform two new songs. For over a decade, Leva has pushed himself musically, learning how to play the piano at the age of eight, and has slowly evolved into a healthy pop songwriter. However, Leva likes to cast a wide net, as he is also a piano and vocal instructor, an assistant high school marching band director, an orchestra musician, and a music director for various children’s theatre companies. That’s a lot to take in, especially for someone at such a young age, but Leva seems to handle it all rather nicely.

“Heart Gallery” was the first song that Leva decided to play. Backed by a djembe, various percussion instruments, and a second vocalist, Leva took on lead vocals and piano. His soft piano balladry is melancholic yet uplifting and is perfectly catchy. Leva’s vocals are light but strong, finding the right balance between two extremes, and nicely carries the song along. “So many colors and sights to see in my heart gallery,” goes the chorus as it prettily bounces around the room, a very fascinating image to really imagine in the mind. Leva really captured this kind of vivid imagery and peppered it throughout his tunes.

His next song, “Burnout Again”, was even poppier and catchier. Much more uplifting and happier than the previous song, “Burnout Again” was lyrically also somewhat darker: “This is the part where I come around and pick up the pieces… This is the part where you burnout”. Leva, once again proving his worth as a fantastic vocalist, delivered a stellar performance that really captured the emotions he was trying to express throughout the song. It is always fascinating to see a songwriter perform a song he or she is so invested in and one definitely got that feeling while watching Leva perform.

Not that he isn’t already very busy, but Leva is keeping himself busy by releasing one single a month, leading up to a full album release sometime in 2014. He stated that he wanted to take advantage of new forms of music releases and, more importantly, the new mindset that many music listeners have. He stated that its a nice gift to received a new song every month, that it keeps the performer on his toes (songwriting-wise) and that it keeps attention for the songs and the performer constantly high; it affords him some retail space in the mind of music fans.

Leva also runs a lifestyle blog. Made up of mostly pictures of various types of food, Leva exhibits the same level of passion he has for music in his blog, waxing lyrically about the benefits of paleo donuts, mandolin playing, and “the art of taking breaks from art”. It is an interesting read, so be sure to stop by Eric Leva’s website to both check out his music and to read about his many lifestyle choices.

By Stevie Dunbar
Photo by Mary Kennedy

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