Brendan Kelley on Coffeehouse

Brendan Kelley Live on Coffeehouse

Brendan Kelley, a Massachusetts-native, brought his soulful, bluesy music into the WERS studio for a performance for the Coffeehouse, and WERS was thrilled to have him. Although Kelley is only 21, his music is mature beyond his years, boasting a sort of wisdom that you don’t often find in young musicians. Perhaps that has to do with his travelling—Kelly moved to Austin when he was just sixteen to record his first album, Music from the Motion Picture. Following that, he then moved to Nashville for a year to record the most recent album, Quicksand, with two award-winning producers, Shannon Sanders and Drew Ramsey.

That hard work is starting to get Kelley some attention. Kelley was on the cover of the March issue of Performer Magazine and his song, “Pass Me By”, which he performed for us in studio, is starting to get a lot of radio play. He also shot his first music video for that song on location in Brooklyn and it’s of an impressive quality for such a young musician.

“Pass Me By” and “You Make It Easy” were two tracks from Quicksand that he performed for the Coffeehouse, although instead of the full-band sound that one finds on the album, Kelley opted for a simple, acoustic guitar performance. The performances were just as catchy in sound as his plugged-in performances, but just in a simpler, less poppy way. It allowed for a more intimate feel, allowing Kelley’s angelic vocals (and really, they are) to shine through. Don’t be fooled, though, because Kelley does have quite a lot of grittiness to his music. His singer-songwriter side was highlighted in the WERS studio, but many of the tracks on Quicksand are more rock and bluesy. Still, it was special to have Kelley be unplugged for us, as it allowed listeners to get a better understanding of the lyrics of his songs. Kelley is a storyteller in his music, and that got to take center stage in the studio.

For those who are looking to get more info about Kelley, he made it clear that he is all about making his social media presence accessible to his fans. On his website,, he offers fans the option to download either “Pass Me By” or “You Make It Easy” for free, as well as access to his music video for “Pass Me By”, along with more exclusive web content. He will also be playing several shows this summer and the tour dates are also available on his website.

By Libby Webster

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