Kopecky Family Band Live In Studio

The Kopecky Family Band are not a traditional family band, in the sense that all of the members (or at least some of the members) are related. Instead, they take on the term “family band” in a more broader and all encompassing sense. Their websites states that they are “…a family bound by the miles on their odometer and by the songs they have crafted over the years. These six young musicians have created a family through their commitment to each other and to their craft”. Though their drummer and bassist were not available for the band’s WERS in-studio, the four other members brought a handful of great tunes and good energy.

The name Kopecky comes from Kelsey Kopecky, one of the many singers in the band. Accompanying her was Marcus on the cello, Gabe on the guitar, and Stephen on the guitar. All four of the members sang and created a fantastic blend of harmonies throughout their set. The band are currently on tour for their debut full-length, Kids Raising Kids, which was released late last year.

They elected to play two songs off of said album, starting off with the track “Are You Listening”. The whistle heavy intro was reminiscent of Andrew Bird as a dusty sounding guitar and mourning cello slowly rolled into the picture. Despite having members from all over the world, the band consider their home base to be Nashville, Tennessee and you can easily hear the southern landscape coming through their music. The song’s slow burning chorus went “Gentle as a dove as I ask you: Are you listening? Are you serious?”.

Next up was “Heartbeat” which began in a more immediate manner with all four members diving right into the vocals and harmonies as they leapt around the song’s bouncy verses and choruses. One could say that the band’s secret weapon is Marcus’s cello as it gave the song a unique and interesting sounding lead. Half-way through, the band took on a whistling solo which (again) sounded like a nod to Andrew Bird while giving the song the feeling of a western score; something along the lines of Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold”.

Finally, the band closed up their set with a cover of another band who have their own take on the western sound: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “All You Do is Talk”. The song’s smoky verses and melancholy lyrics fit Kopekcy Family Band’s persona perfectly and they pulled off the cover with tact and emotion.

Even though “Kids Raising Kids” was released nearly a year ago, Kopecky Family Band are still pushing the record hard with great performances like this in-studio. Their website states that its an album that “allows fans to ‘take home the live experience’” while Kelsey stated that “its a time capsule of all the experiences we’ve had since we started playing together”. In addition to their debut, the band have three EPs available and are currently touring the continental United States including sets at Firefly Festival.

By Stevie Dunbar

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