The Postal Service at Pavilion

the Postal Service Live

In 2003, The Postal Service gave us Give Up, but ten years later, the band found their fans holding the classic album up as something still so relevant. As a crowd of people who have grown with the album, The Postal Service made for a truly special night.

The setlist of the show was predictable, being comprised with just about everything the band has recorded, from every track off of Give Up to the Dntel cover of “(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan”, but it was the thrill of hearing all of the individual pieces live, that made the show all the while. Surprises came at moments when the mopey tracks turned into a dance and “Natural Anthem” guitar pieces allowed for a bit of shredding. The biggest treat was the chance to see frontman, Ben Gibbard, let himself loose to dance for the entire set and an encore, which is a pretty different state than most are used to seeing him in during his parts in Death Cab For Cutie and his solo act. At times, Gibbard would even dance over to the drum kit where he would compliment Jimmy Tamborello’s beats with another layer of rhythm. These moments are the ones in which the musical relationship between the two came through.

Joining Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello on stage was Laura Burhenn of Mynabirds and Jenny Lewis, and they were there to offer as much harmony and light heartedness as possible. Together, the four and rolled through songs with such high energy and cool, making the show a much lighter experience than listening to Give Up on its own. The twist was hinted at with the second song, “We Will Become Silhouettes”. Lewis and Gibbard stood sideways to the crowd, moving back in forth in synchronized motion as they sang together. At points in the show, the two would even just dance face-to-face, singing out the songs as if they were telling each other a story. As they worked the stage, they were a big piece in pulling together the show as an original experience.

As the band broke into the single that was on everyone’s lips, “Such Great Heights”, no one could help but to feel the emotion of a song that not only shaped many young fans’ music tastes and styles at the release of Give Up, but a song that was held so precious over the years. The sleepy bass intro kicked in and gasps followed. As the obvious love of the song came through with the audience, the guitar breakdown came along, smiles came through the four on stage.

“We’ll see you again in different versions, I’m sure,” Gibbard said before the end of the regular set was starting to see an end.

The sense of sadness was there, knowing that The Postal Service might not ever play a show again, even though they have some new material, but in the end there was just the thankfulness that a reunion even came to be reality. Nothing but positivity came from the show and the bands willingness to give something so unique.

By Lauren Moquin
Photo by Jeeyoon Kim

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