On the Verge: Skinny Bones

SkinnyBonesAt 4:15 PM each Tuesday, WERS brings you our On the Verge segment which highlights an artist we think is up-and-coming.

This weeks’ artist On the Verge is Boston’s own duo, Skinny Bones!  The group is composed of singer and guitarist Jacob Rosati and drummer Chris Stoppiello.  The two started playing together last November after Stoppiello saw Rosati perform at a show in New York.  Skinny Bones have been playing all over the Boston area and East Coast for a while now.  You can catch them anywhere from small clubs and bars to basements and living rooms in Allston neighborhood apartments.

Things are really coming together for Skinny Bones, who debuted their EP, Skinni Dip, to a crowd at Weirdo Records in Cambridge, MA last night.  The band is producing a limited amount of physical copies of the EP, which are sure to be in high demand.  Each CD is designed with a homemade collage, and each one is different!

They describe themselves as “folk music through electronic production,” which is evident when listening to Skinni Dip.  The five track EP is a great display of the group’s talent.  Their use of loops and samples sound astounding alongside the instrumentation and vocals. Rosati’s vocals hauntingly resonate over the EP, and easily convince you to listen again.

Make sure to tune in at 4:15 PM today to catch Skinny Bones On the Verge!

By Anthony Cantone Heinze

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