Glasshouse Productions Live In Studio

Glasshouse Productions Live In Studio
Tonight was a pretty great night, I must say. The Glasshouse Productions team came through to bless the live mix studio on 889@night. Glasshouse has been on the show a number of times, but never performing live in our studio. Glasshouse Productions consists of a team of emcees, producers, and singers. They are a tight collective of creative individuals from different areas in Massachusetts. Jon Glasser, who the company is named after, is a talented producer in charge of cultivating all the talent on the Glasshouse Productions roster. Tonight J’You, Pat Starr, and Red Pages came through to represent Glasshouse Productions.

The main focus of the night was the emcee J’You. J’You is an 889@night regular and talented lyricist. J’You performs all his songs with conviction and emotion. An experienced emcee at 27 years old, J’You has already released six projects. His most recent, Classic Reaction, was released in December of 2011. As an emcee, he holds nothing back and isn’t afraid to talk about his real life and the things he’s done. J’You came through to perform two new songs off of his upcoming project, June 16th. This project has no release date but J’You told us that he already has twenty songs recorded for it.

The first song J’You performed was “So Apparent”. Like its video, this song is gritty and honest. Witty wordplay combined with pop culture references make this song entertaining for old and new fans. My favorite line of this song is on the hook where he says, “I don’t rap about jewels because I can’t afford to wear em’.” It’s a simple line but its real — which is the vibe he is going with on this song. He wants to get the point across that he’s not pretending to be anything that he’s not, and people need to take him for what he is or leave him alone.

The second song J’You performed was “June 16th”. This title track off of his upcoming album might have been the best thing I’ve heard from him yet. It’s obvious when watching him perform this song that every word he says means something to him. Only special emcees can evoke that kind of emotion when performing a new song. I don’t say this often but I was impressed by his performance tonight.

To close the set, Pat Starr and Red Pages took charge of the microphones to perform the second single off of Pat Starr’s upcoming project titled Dope Beats and Fine Wine. The song, “No Handouts”, showcases Pat telling the world that he works hard for everything he gets and he deserves it. Red Pages lends her vocals for the song’s hook.

For Glasshouse Production’s first time in the live mix studio, they did a great job. I can’t wait to hear more from the talented team. Pat Starr’s Dope Beats and Fine Wine project is set to drop this fall and J’You’s June 16th is set to drop after that. Stay tuned to their movement and as always thanks for tuning in.

In case you missed it, check out the performance here.

By Malcolm Gray

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