All A Capprofile: Achoired Taste

Achoired TasteAchoired Taste is the newest of the A cappella groups that call Emerson College their home. Achoired Taste is currently a co-ed group that is home to eighteen Emerson College sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The members include: Daniel Begin, 
Marina Altschiller, 
Alicia Carroll, 
Amanda Doughty, 
Matt Regan, 
Jen Currier, 
Jacob Sigler, 
Matthew Judge, 
Becky Brinkerhoff, 
Emily White, 
Ashley Cunningham, 
Andy Houldcroft, 
Gabby Sausele, 
Lee Satterwhite, 
Maria Vivas, 
Maddie Rojas Lynch, 
Blake Vessey, and
Sarah Patterson. We all love to sing different genres of music however we all love to belt!

This A cappella group was started in the fall of 2012 when Begin, Carroll, and Altschiller met at callbacks for another A Cappella group on campus. When we were all cut from the callbacks, we swapped numbers just incase we wanted to keep in touch. After a week of talking, it was decided to try and start a new group on campus to give everyone the chance to sing. Auditions were held in mid October and by the end of the month, a group of sixteen members were getting to know each other through weekly rehearsals. After practicing for the first semester, the group came back second semester eager to hold auditions for new members. After auditions, two new members were added, the group held their first concert on February 22nd, 2012. The concert was titled “Aca-Awkward” was very well received. Some of the favorite songs were “Falling Wine” (Mash up of Falling Slowly and Poison Wine), “I Just Had Sex,” “It’s Time,” and “Titanium.”

After a successful first concert, Achoired Taste performed at All A Cappella Live, which was held at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, and then continued to practice until the year ended. We are currently planning our next concert and choosing what songs to perform. All of the members of Achoired Taste are looking forward to next semester to see what will come. We hope to see everyone at our next concert.

By Daniel Begin

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