NonComm: Our Top 5 Discoveries

WERS had a fabulous time at the NonCommvention in Philadelphia! Now that the convention has come to a close, WERS has picked our Top 5 NonComm Discoveries for 2013! Take a look below.

Homemade Jamz1) Homemade Jamz Blues Band

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band first came across peoples’ radars when they came in second place at the 23rd International Blues Challenge.  What was so surprising about their success is that they were composed of siblings Ryan, Kaya, and Taya Perry, aged 21, 18, and 14, respectively.  The youth of the performers shines through the classic southern rock and blues that they play.  Ryan and Kaya play on guitars made by their father, many of which are composed of car mufflers, while Taya kicks it on the drums.

Wild Belle2) Wild Belle

Siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman front the Chicago based Wild Belle.  They took the stage early Thursday evening for a fun and funky set.  Their machine drum driven sound used a combination of dub and rock to take hold of the crowd.  They played tracks from their debut album, Isles, which combines the sounds of reggae with a pop sensibility.

Foxygen3)  Foxygen

Foxygen took the stage late Thursday night to a crowd of weary NonCommers.  Their set was frantic, exciting, and unexpected.  Lead singer Sam Francis spent the set jumping over amps and chairs, at one point even breaking the sole of his shoe.  They put on a dynamic and noisy performance that woke everybody up with its wild energy and punk spirit.

Laura Mvula4)  Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula brought smooth British soul to the stage early Friday evening.  Her set put  to use some instruments not used through the rest of the convention, including harp, cello, and stand-up bass.  Mvula’s beautiful voice filled the room while the band backed her up on vocals with soulful harmonies.

The Last Bison5)  The Last Bison

The many members of The Last Bison could barely fit on the stage because of all the space their instruments took up.  They shared it with multiple percussion and string instruments, which created a rousing and rollicking folk explosion when manned by the band members.  The room shook from the pounding of the drums and shouts from lead singer Ben Hardesty in an American homegrown performance.

By Anthony Cantone Heinze

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