Wild Feathers at NonComm

Wild Feathers 4Wild Feathers were the first band of the final day at Non Comm, one of the nation’s signature non-commercial radio and music conventions. Although Wild Feathers are used to being one of the smaller band at major events like SXSW and a few Bob Dylan’s recent concerts, they’ve been making a big splash on the Triple A music charts and are well on their way to becoming their own headlining act. Their song “The Ceiling” has been steadily climbing up the Triple A music charts to become a Top 20 hit despite the fact that their self-titled debut album is still months away from its release! That’s why WERS named the Wild Feathers our most recent Artist of the Week, and their performance at Non Comm displayed why they deserved that title.

Throughout the Wild Feathers’ brief half-hour opening set, all five members of the young, Southern Rock group proved to equally skilled with both their instruments and their singing voices. The set was filled with highflying harmonies that suggested a deep connection between each Wild Feather, which enabled them to trade off vocal duties regularly. It was as if the entire band was a single person, or a collection of tag-team wrestlers who were always there to watch their teammates backs. Yet instead of using their fists, the Feathers’ instruments of trade were actual musical instruments that blended together magnificently. Their dynamic mix of a subdued bass, pounding drums, two grinding electric guitars and one soft acoustic guitar proved to be a perfect musical combination with which to capture nearly all aspects of the rural, Southern spirit and lifestyle.

The Wild Feathers portrayal of Southern life was made even more effective with the Wild Feathers’ strong stage presence, which demonstrated youthful confidence and suggested a sense of Southern pride. Physically, each member of the band was an even distance apart from each other, and they took full advantage of the performance space they were given. A sense of community was exuded by this set up, especially since the entire band shared the spotlight without a single member trying to one-up any of the others. The Wild Feathers all realize that they are in it for the long haul. That sense of community is going to go a long way for them, and there’s little doubt that they will be ready to take things to the next level by the time their self-titled debut is released on August 6.

By Bond Collard

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