“Italians Do It Better” Release Compilation

after dark 2Italians Do It Better, the label best known for acts such as Glass Candy and Chromatics, has finally released their much anticipated compilation album entitled After Dark 2. Acting as a sequel of some sorts to the first After Dark compilation, the album acts as both an introduction to the many acts that make up the Italians Do It Better label, as well as a means to release rarer and unreleased tracks from the aforementioned acts.

The Italians Do it Better label is based in Portland, Oregon and is basically a means for the record label’s founder, Johnny Jewel, to release his own projects. Acting as the founder of both Chromatics and Glass Candy, Jewel also plays a crucial role in the production and maintaining of many of the labels acts. He was also tapped to create original music for the hit movie Drive. Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in communication between the movie’s producers and Jewel, his original music was eventually replaced. However, Jewel managed to sneak in a Chromatics track and eventually released his version of the soundtrack under the title Symmetry: Themes For An Imaginary Film. After Dark 2 is currently only available on iTunes, but Italians Do It Better are known for their unique and interesting vinyl releases, so keep an eye on their website. The track listing, courtesy of Pitchfork.com, is below:

01. Glass Candy: “Warm in the Winter”
02. Desire: “Tears From Heaven”
03. Mirage: “Let’s Kiss”
04. Appaloosa: “Fill the Blanks”
05. Chromatics: “Looking for Love”
06. Symmetry: “Heart of Darkness”
07. Chromatics: “Camera”
08. Twisted Wires: “Half Lives”
09. Glass Candy: “The Possessed”
10. Chromatics: “Cherry”
11. Glass Candy: “Beautiful Object”
12. Farah: “Into Eternity”
13. Appaloosa: “Intimate”
14. Mike Simonetti: “The Magician”
15. Glass Candy: “Redheads Feel More Pain”

By Stevie Dunbar

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