Claire Andrade-Watkins Celebrates 30 Years

Claire Andrade-Watkins began her career at Emerson in 1982 as a visual and media arts associate professor. Now in 2013, Andrade-Watkins has served as a member of Emerson’s Board of Trustees, founded SPIA Media Productions Inc, and much more in her time here in the Hub.

Andrade-Watkins received her BA in History/Management at Simmons College before earning her MA in Afro-American Studies at Boston University. She began teaching film courses at Emerson shortly after and later returned to Boston University to earn a PhD in African Studies. In later years, Andrade-Watkins has been awarded a Fulbright Research Award and a Paul Cuffe Fellowship for her academic endeavors among others.

In addition to having worked on over a dozen short films including, “Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican?” and “Espirito De Cabo Verde”, Andrade-Watkins has found the time to take on teaching positions at Brown University and Wellesley College. She has additionally been a reviewer and reader for academic bodies of work like the Ohio University Press and the Journal of African Cinemas.

Andrade-Watkins has been the recipient of over a dozen prestigious grants from various organizations including: Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, Massachusetts Cultural Council, LEF Foundation, Massachusetts Media Fellowship, and others. Wearing numerous hats over the past thirty years, Andrade-Watkins has established herself as a staple to the Emerson community.

By Jeeyoon Kim

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