Dillon Francis at House of Blues

Dillon1Moomnahton DJ-extraordinaire Dillon Francis has seen his fame skyrocket in the past year, and his show at the house of Blues last Wednesday was a perfect example of why. With a packed set list, lots of heavy DJing, and a stage setup guaranteed to get even the most skeptical raver dancing, Francis’s “Wurld Turr” (yes, that is the correct spelling) is definitely nothing to laugh at.

Known for his love of cats, Taco Bell, and profanity, Dillon Francis has the sick beats to back up his jokes. While performing on a stage decorated with lights, lasers, and inflatable cats with signs proclaiming “f-ck” in their paws, Francis provided his Boston audience with an eclectic set to say the least. Packed with trap, dubstep, and even some pop music mixed in, this tour shows a definite departure from Francis’s early moombahton-centric sets.

After watching the whole show play out, it became clear that Dillon Francis has been taking a lot of inspiration from his Mad Decent label mates. There were lots of trap samples from Flosstradamus and the like, which never failed to get the crowd going. And Dillon even threw in some reggae and dancehall beats from Major Lazer. While it might sound like a lot going on at once, Francis expertly mixed each song, making sure they flowed perfectly into one another, regardless of the genre differences of each sample.

While this tour’s set might be more varied than any of his previous tours, there was still plenty of classic Dillon to be heard and enjoyed. The DJ made sure to include lots of his hits, old and new, in his diverse set. The Boston audience broke out into a frenzy of dancing when they heard Francis’s Bootleg Fireworks, Money Makin’, and recent release Messages. Not only did he include classic hits of his own, but Francis impressed the crowd by working EDM classics of all kinds into the set. He relied on samples from artists like Nero and Skrillex to provide those heavy drops so many concertgoers yearn for.

The Wurld Turr might sound like a joke to some, but Dillon Francis proved once again that he knows how to be serious when it comes to what really matters – the music. With plenty of dates left on the tour, definitely try to catch this hilariously eccentric DJ sometime soon.

By Anna Cieslik & Juan Castillo-Then
Photo by Juan Castillo-Then

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