Thom Yorke Gives Dating Advice

Thom Yorke VimeoThom Yorke is a busy man, there’s no doubt about that. Along with being the creative force behind Radiohead, Yorke formed the band Atoms For Peace with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Beck & R.E.M. drummer Joey Waronker, and Brazilian born Mauro Refosco. Atoms For Peace released their debut album earlier this year.

Between recording and touring with both Radiohead and Atoms For Peace, you may wonder what Yorke does in his spare time. You may wonder how he even has spare time. Yorke took a step out of his comfort zone this week to do something a little different. Instead of wailing and dancing for arenas full of people in front of some of the greatest bands in the world, the 44 year-old musician gave advice to 14 year-old girls. Through Rookie, a website for teenage girls, Yorke, along with Godrich, fielded seven questions sent in by readers. A video was posed on Vimeo earlier in the week and already has gathered 104 thousand views.

In the video, Yorke and Godrich honestly and earnestly give advice on everything that would bring down a 14 year-old’s world. They talk about everything from boys, to dating, breaking up, and taking chances. In the most sincere moment of the video, Yorke fields a final question about body image. He brings attention to his own eye, left scarred and drooping after five surgeries as a child, and tells the questioner not to worry. t’s a reassuring and enlightening watch, even if you aren’t a 14 year-old girl. Thom Yorke is such a cutie. Click Here to watch.

By Anthony Cantone Heinze

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