“The Lives Inside…” by Matt Pond

Born and raised in New Hampshire, New England native Matt Pond has quite the success story. His name may not ring a bell, but you have probably heard his work on the small and big screens. A song featured in a Starbucks’ holiday commercial (“Snow Day”) as well as co-writing the score for the film Lebanon, PA, are just a couple of examples of Pond’s talent on display. His latest effort The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand was released in February.

With a sound similar to a Jack’s Mannequin and The Killers, Matt Pond uses upbeat tracks and sings colorful lyrics in Lives.

The first track “Let me live,“ is a catchy, up-tempo tune that opens the record and grabs you. “The sky will spin again, on the Sunday when you land,” a reassurance that when we go through difficult times, we will come out the other side and land on our feet.

“Love to get used,” another catchy track, sounds like the kind of song perfect to blast and loudly sing along to on those hot summer nights driving around town. The song with lyrics like “I give my love to get used,” shows Pond’s propensity to sing bittersweet words with a lighthearted delivery.

“Starlet” a song with prominent piano and drum instrumentals throughout, sounds similar to The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done.” Singing of lost love and finding another in the future, “I know, I know, I know, there’s so much I don’t know but still know that someday I’ll make sense to someone.”

A wonderfully melodic and danceable track, “When The Moon Brings The Silver” is filled with imaginative and beautifully descriptive lyrics like “My mouth full of marbles, tongue rolling on to your side, cross the line, go in the veins, your hands in mine,” speak of a more romantic side to the singer-songwriter.

An upbeat song that sounds like belongs on a soundtrack for a John Hughes’ movie, “Go Where The Leaves Go,” describes a feeling we all have from time to time, a yearning to leave, to get away from it all and “follow the seasons.”

“Human Beings,” a slower track, lulls its listener into a trance like state, with its languid vocals and insightful lyrics like “You lost your keys, you lost your mind, but that’s just life.”

The album’s title track, “The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand,” is a beautiful song where an emotionally sounding Pond sings cleverly written and poignant lyrics like “Crawled up from the dirt to meet you at your knees, where you string your words up like lights just for me.”

Another head bopper, “Stafford,” the closing track, is a dream-like tune complete with bells and strings. “And I see ghosts, they’re trailing from your back tires. I put them out of my sight, I don’t need to know what they need.” Pond sings of a new love’s past and that he doesn’t want to dwell or worry about it.

Matt Pond’s first real solo effort, The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand, is a beautiful record filled with songs of personal memories and stories that blend seamlessly into a musical scrapbook of sorts.

By Lesley Rozycki

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