“Bang Bang Boom Boom” by Beth Hart

Inspired by a myriad of genres such as blues, classical, and gospel, Beth Hart is a powerhouse who brings a strong female voice to the genre of soul. Her latest album Bang Bang Boom Boom is the 10th album since her debut in 1993. Throughout her career, Hart has collaborated with rock stars such as Slash and Joe Bonamassa, and shared the stage with legends like Jeff Beck.

Bang Bang Boom Boom begins with the slow-starting “Baddest Blues” which transforms from a solo piano piece to a near ballad regarding love. The change of pace in this song is reflective of the entire album, which varies in terms of tempo and mood

The somewhat somber “Baddest Blues” is similar to her other slow track, “There In Your Heart”. Both utilize Hart’s skillful piano skills as well as her church-like vocals, which draw heavily on her gospel roots.

“Better Man” exemplifies Hart’s funny yet still powerful lyrics. She describes a new-found love who, unlike previous lovers, hasn’t “stolen my car, or try to pawn my guitar”. Her dry sense of humor and scornful attitude is reminiscent of female country artists.

Throughout Bang Bang Boom Boom, Hart’s Christianity and triumph over drug abuse is a very apparent theme. It has always been an outlying theme in her previous work, but definitely surfaces and becomes more evident on this album. Her songs such as “Spirit of God” praise her faith and spirituality.

There is a heavy jazz influence as well on “Swing My Thing Back Around” and “Spirit Of God”. The use of horn sections and wailing guitars, paired with Hart’s soulful and sometimes crunchy vocals allows for a new twist on jazz arrangements.

Beth Hart harnesses a voice somewhere between Adele and Amy Winehouse yet manages to make it completely unique. Through her persistent use of various genres she allows for her own unique sound to flourish.

“The Ugliest House On The Block” and the bonus track “I’d Rather Go Blind” best describe and perpetuate Hart’s musical individuality. Each of these songs are not only unique from each other but from any other soul/blues singers out there. Her mixture of rock, blues and gospel influences produces heart-wrenching emotion and soulful conviction that is unparalleled by any other female singer.

By Daniel Taverner

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