“Bigfoot” by Cayucas

It is that time of the year when music fans start putting together their playlists for summer, and Cayucas’ latest album Bigfoot should without a doubt be on the top of that list. The April third release brings the band’s second album in the past two years, and guarantees the perfect soundtrack for a summer vacation, whether you’re going on a road trip, lounging at the beach, or having a barbeque in your own backyard. The pop rock band has discovered a formula that works and sticks to it for each song, creating an album that flows together with sunshiny instrumentation and optimistic vocals.

Bigfoot opens with “Cayucos” (yes, that is one letter changed from the band’s name), an ode to the small beach side California town that shares the same name. Lead vocalist Zach Yudin sings in a distant echo, as if he recorded his part of the song under water. He clearly enjoys experimenting with the sounds of words, as well as interweaving throughout the lyrics many ‘ooo’s and ‘ohh’s. The band has already released a music video to accompany “Cayucos,” and the style of the video perfectly matches the mood of the song, not to mention of the whole album. The band packs up a van and drives to the beach, they play frisbee and badminton, and a filter on the camera bathes the whole scene in yellow light.

A standout track off the album is “High School Lover.” The song tells the story of a girl who was completely out of reach in high school, but has maybe come back into the narrator’s life. The lyrics are simple, but relatable and endearing. This cheeky simplicity is a common theme throughout the album. Yudin sings “Are you going to the party on Saturday?/She asked as if I didn’t know.” The catchy chorus and dance beat will guarantee the song’s status as a crowd favorite during the band’s upcoming tour through Europe.

A few tracks included on the album will transport the listener away from the beaches of California all the way to exotic islands and tropical jungles. In “Will the Thrill,” Yudin croons “why don’t we leave this town together/wherever the wind blows” and proceeds to paint a picture of some kind of vacation-adventure that includes stops in Columbia and Montezuma. “Ayawa Kye” begins with an almost hip-hop beat that turns into a latin-inspired dance song. Even if you don’t get to journey anywhere mysterious and new this summer, these songs will transport their listeners to a vacation state of mind.

With so many great west coast bands making it in the music industry lately, us east coasters can sometimes feel left out.

Luckily, Cayucas include songs for those of us who did not grow up on the beaches of California: “East Coast Girl.” The lyrics describe a city girl who studies literature and foreign politics, who rides the subway and carries an umbrella in case of rain. This east coast girl almost sounds like she could introduce Cayucas to a whole new world outside of their eternal life at the beach, but luckily the band doesn’t stray far from their summer sound.

Bigfoot is a wonderful blend of old and new. The band has a Beach Boys-like quality about them, yet with a relaxed and modern attitude. Whether your plans are to chill out or party hard, Bigfoot is the album to play over and over this summer.

By Mary Kennedy

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