Daft Punk New Album

4e6c6fb2Behind their trademark masks and fighting an endless wave of rumors, details regarding Daft Punk’s new album are finally surfacing.  Rumors for a return of the electronic musical pioneers began to evolve back in January and fans finally have received the first solid announcement regarding the French duo’s newest album.

Random Access Memories is the title of the upcoming fourth studio album, and the follow up to Daft Punk’s 2005 record, Human After All and their captivating 2010 soundtrack to Tron: Legacy.  The French pair who make the music happen, Thomas Bangalte and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, recently announced switching labels from Virgin Records, who they’ve been with since the 90’s, to Columbia Records and that Random Access Memories will be released May 21. Fans of Daft Punk don’t seem to be scared away by this switch as the new album already has over 1,000 reviews on iTunes and it’s not even out yet! Pretty impressive.

All that has been released besides the intriguing album title is that the album will contain 13 new songs, however the tracklisting and song titles have yet to be announced.  Earlier this month the duo teased the album’s release with an elusive 16 second promo that aired on an episode of Saturday Night Live. Ever since that brief snipped, Daft Punk has been coming back into the spotlight.

Growing up as a 90’s wild child, Daft Punk was always playing in the background, so I am no exception to the excitement that is wrapped around this new record!

By Shannon MacKay

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