Concert Watch: March 21st-22nd

Jukebox LiveConcert-goers, spring has sprung, though you wouldn’t know it from all the flower sprouts buried deep beneath this hideous slush. What’s the anecdote? Good music, of course, and there’s plenty of diverse options for you this week.

Tyler, the Creator – Paradise Rock Club, Thursday March 21st

This is progressive rap right now, and indie fans have seemed just as comfortable jumping on the OFWGTA bandwagon as easily as they’d pop in an Animal Collective CD. Although this all-ages show has already sold out the Paradise, but it’s worth sticking around for those scalpers for– Tyler is quickly becoming an icon of this generation, and his weird vulgarity is definitely a twenty-first century spectacle.

Jukebox the Ghost – Brighton Music Hall, Thursday March 21st

When you’re done listening to their undoubtedly fabulous live session on WERS tomorrow, why not take the edge off your week with the Jukebox the Ghost show? They’re just on the brink of getting big with 2012 album “Safe Travels”, and it’ll be a lot more fun catching their pop-rock tunes at a smaller venue before you need to push through teeny-boppers a year from now.

Strangefolk – Paradise Rock Club, Friday March 22nd

The original lineup of the Burlington, VT gang reunites at the Paradise to kick off a two-show engagement, the only other of which is taking place in their hometown. It’s a celebration of their career moreso than a release (their last three have been live performances), but those caught up in the original 90’s New England hype will be thrilled to have their boys back in town.

There it is– some hip-hop, some indie, and some folk. Who said a little variety ever hurt anyone? Happy Live Music Week, WERS fans, and we’ll see you next week!

By Jamie Loftus

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