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Strong, self-assured female pop stars like Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, and P!nk, all provide inspiration to millions of young female listeners. Though the list today is short, thankfully it is growing – one member that is working her way onto this list is Boston local, Melanie Lynx. Lynx, in her last semester at Berklee College of Music, stopped by for Live Music Week to promote her new EP Naked Heart. Released on March 1 of this year, the EP is a 5 song album that highlights Lynx’s strong vocals and serious attitude.

Though the album highlights a very serious emotional side of the singer, Lynx had a magnetic personality when she walked in the studio. Good natured about everything, she continued to smile even as she progressed into sound check. Preconceptions about her were blown out of the water, however, when she dexterously transitioned from a happy and bubbly state to belting out a strong melody in a matter of seconds – even tackling “Jolene” while warming up.

The first song she played for WERS listeners was “Naked Heart” the title song from her debut EP. It opened with a simple acoustic guitar, played by band mate Anthony Greco. Lynx’s voice began light and airy, but quickly transformed into her signature deep, full voice that she adapts so well. By the lyrics, “Brutal boy/ how could you ruin a human so strong” her voice was earnest and overflowing with passion. The second song, “Wasted” carried on a similar tone of the first. Though Lynx’s voice became grittier and more raw, you could hear the smile she was wearing outwardly manifest itself in her voice. It seemed to be her favorite to perform here, or at least the most fun to play around with. By the end of the song, she was experimenting with incredibly long vocal runs that did not falter once.

Melanie Lynx had the opportunity to perform for last semester’s Live Music Week as well, and though she brought the same pop star presence in the fall, she claimed after this set that “I think it went better than last time. A little more confident.” Fair enough, considering Lynx is still a student at Berklee College of Music, and plans on graduating in May. Lynx says that it’s “amazing” to have an EP out already at this young an age. It was a slow process at first, fitting in time to write and record while still at school. “It was long,” said Lynx, “but it was an incredible learning and growing experience.”

The third and final song Lynx played was titled “Perfectly Flawed”, another track from her EP. While on air, she explained the inspiration behind this song: “You know sometimes we all makes mistakes and we mess up every once in a while. You know I make my fair share of mistakes… And it’s about how we all make these mistakes… and that’s the way it is.” It seemed like an appropriate response from a young, talented musician who is finally finding her niche in the music world.

Soon, Lynx will be discovering more of herself on tour, making stops in Philadelphia, Connecticut, New York City, and other places the East Coast, all the while balancing life as a college student. If that doesn’t seem ambitious enough, Lynx is also very adamant about keeping a strong relationship with her fans via social media. “Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Anyone can ask me any questions – I love feedback!” Her music and links to these accounts are found on Go ahead; let her know what you thought of her session at WERS!

By Madelyn Reese
Photo by Chris Gillespie

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