New Strokes Video Released

The StrokesBy now, the music world has heard two new tracks off of The Strokes’ March 26th release Comedown Machine. “One Way Trigger,” the a-Ha’s “Take On Me” inspired track, has led people to think the album will be completely in the same vein. This would be a complete departure from The Strokes original sound and acceptance of frontman Julian Casablancas’ love of 80’s pop.

Meanwhile, “All The Time” is a return to form for the band; simple song structure, basic guitar driven chorus, an amazing guitar solo, and Casablancas avoiding his newfound use of falsetto. Though the song shows the band returning to their roots, some criticize it’s simplicity or how blasé it is.

Now the video for “All The Time” has been released and it adds a new level to this discussion. The nearly three minute video is not a highly produced concept piece like their video “The End Has No End”. Nor is it a live performance of the band like in their simply brilliant “Last Nite” video. Instead, this video is all footage taken by the band themselves, their friends, and other musicians they toured with.

For heavy fans of the band, there is quite a bit of footage from their tour documentary “In Transit.” There are many shots of the band backstage and some footage of live shows where the crowds are going wild. But through it all, the footage emphasizes the friendship between the members of the band (which has been decaying ever since their third album).

As nice as it is to relive their happiness with each other, the video begs the viewer to ask: is this a sign of mended friendships and a promise for a better future, or is this simply an homage to a band that has seen better days and is ready to call it quits? Personally, I sincerely hope the answer is the former. But I’m just a biased fan who aches to see The Strokes as happy as they were in their video for “Someday.” Watch the video for “All The Time” and see what you think. If nothing else, it’s a good compilation of great footage.

By Garren Orr

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