Clive Davis at Club 119

122After a failed attempt to get into the highly desired Kendrick Lamar show at the Spotify House, I decided to head over to a different showcase downtown at Club 119. The Source as sponsoring this showcase and it featured two of my favorite artists right now, Ab-soul and Schoolboy Q.

As I get in the line for this spot, who do I bump into but the legendary music executive Clive Davis. It’s crazy to think that I was watching him in Jimmy Fallon the night before and the next day here he is less than 3 feet away from me. Yes I tweeted it and yes he favorited it. After that I immediately knew it was going to be a good night.


I proceeded in to the showcase and got a great spot towards the left side of the stage. While waiting for Ab-Soul, we were blessed with a surprise performance by the legendary Wyclef of the Fugees. He did a lot of the Fugees hits as well was an acoustic version of his classic “911″. I would say ┬áday #1 at SXSW was a success.

By Malcolm Gray

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