Kris Delmhorst Live In Studio

KrisDelmhorstLiveThis afternoon Boston singer songwriter Kris Delmhorst stopped by the WERS studios for an intimate live set. In anticipation of this Saturday’s event, WERS Presents: Reykjavik Calling, we spoke to Delmhorst about her current work and the collaborative process. Delmhorst has been on the acoustic music scene for years and has numerous albums and EPs under her belt, though she started off her musical career in an unexpected way.

As a child growing up in Brooklyn, Delmhorst was classically trained to play the cello. As she grew older, she began to join various folk and jazz acts where she began experimenting with singing while picking up the fiddle and guitar. Delmhorst soon came into her own and began writing her own music, eventually leading to her debut solo album in 1998.

For this afternoon’s set was kicked off with “Blue Adeline” off of Delmhorst’s latest full studio album, Shotgun Singer, from 2008. Her vocals were soft and soulful, it felt like we were sitting in on Delmhorst at home singing to herself rather than watching her perform.

Delmhorst will be one of two Boston-based acts performing at Reykjavik Calling this weekend alongside The Adam Ezra Group. For the collaborative part of the night, Delmhorst will be performing with Icelandic composer Sóley. “I got to do a collaborative project like this before once when I was in Holland and it was cool to hang out with new people and work on each other’s stuff,” Delmhorst said. She noted that while she has not been able to meet physically with Sóley yet, they have been sending tracks back and forth this past week. “I guess we’re going to meet up at soundcheck and rehearse for the first time!” Delmhorst said.

Rounding out the last two songs of her set, Delmhorst previewed new songs that are in progress and currently untitled. Delmhorst is currently working on a new batch of songs and hopes to be recording them  in the studio this coming May. “I’m supposed to have a record come out in October but it doesn’t exist at all yet, so we’ll see,” Delmhorst joked.

By Jeeyoon Kim

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