Azealia Banks Covers The Strokes

Azealia BanksYou know that catchy little song off The Stroke’s first album It This It, that plays right before “Someday”? Remember how Julian Casablanca’s signature, distorted vocals and the band’s garage, new rock instrumentation sounds on the song “Barely Legal”?

Well, the rap game’s newest it-girl, Azealia Banks has covered “Barely Legal” over a synth-heavy beat with trap style drums to the point where the song is almost unrecognizable. Needless to say, Bank’s version is different. You almost forget that it’s a Strokes song until you pay attention to the lyrics. Shortly after posting the cover on her twitter, Banks announced that her first single, “Yung Rapunxel”, will be released on March 26th via Interscope Records.

The 21 year-old Harlem born rapper and singer caught the attention of big time music publications, like Spin and Vibe, after the release of her video for “212” last year. As of recent, Azealia has been prone to instigate fights over twitter and it’s hard to go a couple of days without seeing her name pop up on a music blog.

This cover came an opportune time to promote the return of The Strokes. The band that appeared to be on a hiatus nearly out of the blue announced they will be releasing their fifth studio album, titled Comedown Machine, this March. Right now, The Strokes have released two singles; the first being “One Way Trigger”, that sounds like a contemporary “Take On Me” by A-ha where Julian experiments with his falsetto capabilities. The second single, “All The Time” sounds like the old, recognizable Strokes the world feel in love with back in 2001.

Check out the Azealia’s cover here and The Strokes here.

By Virginia Wright

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