Imagine Dragons Live at HOB

Imagine Dragons HOBThe Las Vegas based band, Imagine Dragons have been all over the map in the last year. Starting with their hit single “It’s Time” which began to sweep the nation in February 2012, the four piece band’s star has yet to stop rising. Now with “Radioactive” topping the Alternative Charts and “Demons” on the Triple A charts, it was no surprise that they managed to sell out the House of Blues a mere few months after the release of their debut full-length album, Night Visions.

Imagine Dragons is comprised of vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and drummer Dan Platzman. I had the opportunity to sit down with them before the show and discuss their sudden success.

“The snowball effect has definitely helped us in the last year,” Sermon said. They described hearing themselves on the radio for the first time after shooting the music video for “It’s Time” and speeding from where they shot the video Barstow California to Los Angeles and made it just in time to hear the same song coming in and out between the waves of different stations. “Anytime we hear ourselves on the radio I think it’s exciting, I’m not sure that I’ll ever get used to it” Platzman added.

“We got into playing music because we love being on a stage and performing music for people and feeling that energy that comes back. It’s a cyclical thing, it’s not us performing for a group of people it’s us performing with a group of people” McKee described. And that is exactly what the sold-out crowd got.

The House of Blues erupted upon Imagine Dragons’ entrance. They kicked off their fourteen-song set it “Round and Round” off of their 2012 Continued Silence EP. Reynolds asked the crowd to join in for “Tiptoe” and then gave a shout out to Berklee College of Music which McKee, Sermon and Platzman all attended. After dedicating “Rocks” to all of the cancers in the audience for their birthday Reynolds thanked everyone for coming out because the last time they performed in Boston it was at TT The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, a venue which has a capacity of 300 as opposed to the 2,425 person capacity of the House of Blues. He then hinted that they would be back in the summer before breaking into the Alternative hit “Radioactive.”

White balloons rained down on the audience during “Underdog” but it was during “I’m On Top Of The World” that something truly electrifying happened.

“This is a show that I’m never going to forget. I just got electrocuted,” Reynolds confessed. “I felt something electrocute me on my right side. It hurt but it was a good hurt. Thank you for electrocuting me.”

The band finished up the set with “It’s Time” and returned for their encore performance of “Nothing Left To Say”. The last year has been a big one for Imagine Dragons and it’s looking like the snowball effect is going to continue for them.

By Kendall Stewart

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