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The StrokesIt’s that time of year when bands are releasing singles, EP’s and albums and announcing their tour dates and festival circuits. So far, the tracks and announcements have been phenomenal. If you don’t think so, I implore you to look at the Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo, and Sasquatch lineups (to name a few) and reconsider. However, for many (myself included) one big name is missing from the festivals; where are The Strokes? Surely a band who made a semi-decent comeback in 2011 with their critically bland album Angles is looking to make a bigger and better impression with their upcoming release on March 26 titled Comedown Machine.

They were off to a good start with a surprise release of a track called “One Way Trigger” which blended the electronic side of the band with a-Ha’s “Take On Me” drum loop. They got a lot of attention and positive reviews. A few weeks later, they released the official single from the album, titled “All The Time.” Critics hailed it as a return to form while fans found it somewhat simplistic (especially in comparison to “One Way Trigger”). Regardless, the band was making waves and people were excited for the album and seemingly impending tour.

These hopes swelled to their peak when Zane Lowe announced that he would host an interview with bassist Nikolai Fraiture on Thursday of this past week. Unfortunately, the outcome left much to be desired. While Nikolai told listeners that the band had returned to form in their writing and recording process (all together in the same place), he responded to the question of touring with “I don’t know. I would love to tour.” He added that their were no dates scheduled right now. Perhaps this is just the band’s plan to be secret, but with most of the main festivals having announced their lineups its looking like Nikolai had nothing really to announce. If nothing else, we will find out the band’s full intentions when they release their album.

By Garren Orr

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