Passion Pit Live at Agganis Arena


Nor’easter Nemo took Boston will full force this weekend, shutting down all public transportation and leaving Bostonians with cabin fever. Despite the 22 inches of snow that fell upon the Bean, local indie electronic band Passion Pit wouldn’t let their fans down. Luckily their tour schedule allowed for the Boston show to be pushed back one day and Boston fans crowded into the Agganis Arena last night to cure that fever at last.

Having started out in Harvard Square, Passion Pit received a warm “welcome-home” last night at the Agganis. Fans trekked by foot and by cab to the venue while the majority of the T service was still shut down. With a slightly downsized bill Matt & Kim started off the night to get everyone’s blood pumping. Concluding with an electrifying performance of their hit “Daylight” where drummer and co-singer Kim Schifino hoisted herself atop of the crowd even though she was suffering from an injured foot.

After a brief intermission, Michael Angelakos and his bandmates took the stage by storm. Without a second to spare the group launched into “I’ll Be Alright” off of their 2012 release Gossamer. The group originated in Boston in 2007, all of the members were students at Berklee College of Music with the exception of Angelakos who attended Emerson College.

Angelakos powered through the nearly 90-minute set with such high energy; it’s amazing he didn’t pass out half way through. There was never a gap more than 30 seconds between jumps, twirls, or leaps onto the speakers. Angelakos thrashed around the stage and got up close and personal with the front row of fans offering them the microphone multiple times during each song.

Last night’s powerhouse set included staples like “The Reeling,” “It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy,” and “Take A Walk.” But what really caught my attention is how Angelakos seamlessly transformed even the slower and calmer Passion Pit tracks into pumped up anthems – most notably “Moth’s Wings” off of 2010’s Manners. As one of my favorite Passion Pit tracks, I have never heard it alive with such fervor like this before.

With each moment that passed during the set I became more and more convinced that Angelakos could have stopped singing himself at any given moment and the audience would have filled in without missing a word. The humming voices echoed throughout the arena and lay in harmony with Angelakos’.

The set came to a close with “Cuddle Fuddle” and “Little Secrets” to thundering applause as the house lights dimmed. Immediately a chant begging for an encore of the track that launched Passion Pit into the forefront of everyone’s minds back in 2008, “Sleepyhead.”

The band gracefully returned to the stage and delivered the demand happily. As the night came to a final close, Angelakos promised to be visiting Boston again very soon, while thousands made it out last night, they knew many were missing out due to the aftereffects of Nemo. Stay tuned Boston, Passion Pit will be back to their hometown sooner than you think.

By Jeeyoon Kim

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