Feed Me Live at Royale

Feed Me RoyaleRecently, we have seen some amazing artists come to Boston and kick the 2013 year off strong. They have been traveling all over and taking with them some pretty intense stage setup that would make anyone say “Ooh Ahh!!” Not to mention, we’ve been getting treated with plenty of new music releases, albums and EPs that would put a smile on your face.

Speaking of smiles, Jonathan Gooch, more commonly known by his stage name, Feed Me, without a doubt put a huge smile on his fans faces for two days straight at the Royale last week. He introduced his Feed Me with Teeth US Tour 2013 during late January with special guest Mord Fustang tagging along with him on the ride. He brings to us a spectacular live audio/visual performance with his signature mischievous character that we know as Feed Me. With his earth shaking Dubstep and captivating Electro styles, he brought a unique kind of show with an interesting new stage setup that this city has yet to see.

Both Monday and Tuesday shows were just as packed and energetic that even some fans went to both days. Custom made Feed Me “Teeth,” covered the whole stage with over 20 flexible LED panels that were positioned in specific locations, allowing the audience to see the booth from any direction or angle. The stage grinned a huge smile down the audience the entire night. It was definitely an amazing sight to see with the synchronization of the music that was being played.

Feed Me’s old hits like “Green Bottle,” was a memorable sight as it began lighting teeth from left to right according to the song until the beat dropped and transformed the “Teeth” into a glowing green light show. Giving you of course, “Green Bottle!” The mixes combined with the synced Teeth were something truly amazing. One memorable visual/mix was when Feed Me played “Relocation,” having floating bubbles across the teeth in multicolor. Transitioning to “Blood Red,” were the teeth and eyes outlined in red and then fading into full color red with a taste of strobe lights right after the beat dropped, introducing blood being splattered across the teeth with electric waves. Following up was “Strange Behaviour,” with an amazing polygonal space, transporting you to another dimension of colorful wonders in light speed.

Although, he didn’t only play some classic Feed Me songs since he also released a new three track EP called Death By Robot via mau5trap that launched earlier in January. The EP consist of songs such as “Dialup Days,” that opens up the track with some old school internet dial up service some of us grew up with. Don’t worry, the song won’t crash mid way! “Gravel” gives us an infused style of dub and house to Feed Me that is very well appreciated. Lastly, “Death By Robot,” gives you a synchronized mix of an electro melody and distorted vocals, making you feel like you’re living in the disco age and jumping back into the future.

As Feed Me continues on his tour, there is still plenty to expect for the year and the kind of surprises that he will have in store for us. He has also been working on a special little toy called project “Feed Me” that he has been posting up short clips about on his youtube channel. Make sure to check out that and more on his newly launched website HERE.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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