Milo Greene Live In Studio

Milo Greene

For an indie band that describes their songs as “melancholy”, the members of Milo Greene sure were happy during their live session in the WERS studio. Though just back from an exhausting whirlwind trip in the United Kingdom, promoting their self-titled album, the band was all smiles and jokes as they set up.

Though many people believe that Milo Greene is a single male musician, the band is actually comprised of five very unique individuals: Robbie Arnett, Marlana Sheetz, Andrew Heringer, Graham Fink, and Curtis “Tron” Marrero. The band does not have a lead singer per se, but mainly capitalizes on every member’s exceptional ability to harmonize. In a way, however, the uniting name symbolizes the group’s collaborative abilities in terms of song writing. Sheetz explained, “One person can write a song, two of us can write a song together, all of us can write a song together; it’s just kind of different every time. We all just have an understanding of what the quality of songwriting should be like in this band so if something works, it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.”

Milo Greene began their three-song set in the studio with “Don’t You Give Up on Me.” With Robbie Arnett as lead vocalist, and Sheetz and Heringer singing in the background, the group wove a tight harmony. Following this song up was “Take a Step.” In a diplomatic manner, Graham Fink and Andrew Heringer exchanged instruments; Heringer forfeiting his electric guitar for Fink’s bass, and vice versa. Both songs created a vibe between folk and pop – many lyrics became catchy after a few repetitions, especially with the backup of sunny and light riffs from the electric guitar.

Audiences would be interested to know at this point that the band released a visual accompaniment to their album in October of last year: a 37 minute long film called “Moddison”. Also the title of the ninth track, Moddison has no dialogue, and instead uses the entire album as a soundtrack, as well as a storytelling device. When asked what they hoped audiences would get out of it, Sheetz answered, “I think they’ll understand what the music sounds like to us… A lot of times people will say that they feel really happy and upbeat, but for us it was a really melancholy album. If people see [Moddison] they kind of see what we see.” Elaborating, Heringer added, “It also gives people a chance to listen to it as an entire record. That’s really important to us.” During their on-air interview, the band explained that the eponymous album is intended to be one concept – that each song is a piece of the larger whole.

To conclude their set, Milo Greene played “1957”: their debut single, and arguably their most popular song. Andrew Heringer took the lead on vocals for this number, while his fellow band members backed him up in an energetic refrain, repeating “I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I”, and Curtis Marrero laid down a solid drum beat. A few months back, “1957” was released as an iTunes “Free Single of the Week”, something Heringer credited with getting a lot of people out to their shows while touring in the UK.

The band has been seeing an increasing amount of interest lately, from appearing on David Letterman and Conan, to being invited to Lollapalooza before their debut album was released. This may be attributed to the fact that the band is always keeping themselves busy, after this leg of the tour ends in March, they plan to start back up after a few weeks’ break to finish out the rest of the year on the road. A road that seems to have only one possible destination: success.

By Madelyn Reese
Photo by Danny Taverner

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