On the Verge: Sonny Smith

At 4:15 PM each Tuesday, WERS brings you our On The Verge segment which highlights an artist we think is up-and-coming. This week’s artist On The Verge is the San San Francisco native singer-songwriter and playwright, Sonny Smith. He has traveled the across the Rocky Mountains as well as Central America—voyages that have highly influenced the folk-style of his music.

As a playwright Smith has created a CD of recorded one-act plays written by Smith, himself, and was also awarded a residency at Headlands Center For the Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area where he wrote an original musical. The musical was entitled, The Dangerous Stranger and starred Jolie Holland.

In 2010 Smith spearheaded the 100 Records Project in San Francisco in which he invited one hundred artists to design album covers for fictional bands. Smith imagined all of the bands on his own and then recorded the music of each fictional band. He then displayed the artwork in a San Francisco Gallery while playing the songs from the albums on a jukebox.

Smith’s latest release, Longtime Companion, with Sonny & The Sunsets dropped in 2012.

If this is something you would be interested in hearing then be sure to tune in this Tuesday at 4:15 to hear an exclusive in-studio performance and interview from Sonny Smith on WERS.

By Kendall Stewart

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