SAVOY Live at Middle East

If you didn’t find anything better to do to begin your weekend last week or none of your friends picked up the phone, well that’s because they were probably crammed up in the Middle East Downstairs enjoying some epic tunes from Savoy. The trio that makes up this group, Gray, Ben, and Mike, recently launched their tour earlier this month with the edition of their newly released EP Personal Legends. Regardless of the venue size in the Middle East Downstairs, the group’s music and talented laser operator, Eliav who is also known for winning the Best Laser Jockey in 2012, gave the crowd a very unison performance.

As most EDM artist who we see on the move, usually consists of a solo artist/producer. Although, it’s always appreciated when a group enters the scene and cooks up something fresh. The group has definitely made it a long way since being together in their college years. Even though Savoy consist of multiple members, live on stage their music comes together as one. Even during their production stage they have an upper hand to combine the three minds into one. Mike, who is the drummer of the group, let us know that “even though in some ways the group has individual taste in sounds sometimes, that the blend of styles is what creates a unique collaborative effort producing originals.”

But let us not forget about Eliav, who is also considered as family to the Savoy group. Gary explains, “the reason we featured the lasers so much is because we been to shows as audience members and we just thought they were so cool that we would like to feature them as much as we possibly can.” The lasers were definitely a great addition to the tour, and regardless of the size of the venue, the effects of the lasers seemed even more attractive and entertaining in this small venue itself. Mike say’s that Eliav “is like a prodigy,” being so young and talented to bring such a light show to the tour.

Throughout the show, Savoy played tracks from their new EP Personal Legends which were caught by audience immediately as soon as the transition between some of the songs occurred. They also included some of their tunes from their older EP Supertrail like their live mash up of, “Devils on Horseback x Brightside” and “Senator x Fok Julle Naaiers.”

The new EP brings a twist of different style and not to mention a track in collaboration with Big Gigantic. For “The Bridge,” it brings a combination of house style drops and a disco style breaks. Mike filled us in on artist like Daft Punk, “one of our main influences who has tons of discos and samples many. That combination came up during the spur of the moment and so we build from that.” The track “Kidz” is what Gary would say, “the dark twist in EPs story.” Mike also included that they, “just wanted to make a track that was out of the ordinary.” A track that created even more hype in the crowd when it dropped. The EP also comes with two other tracks, “Aftershock” with Big Gigantic and vocal tune “Hard to Say.” The tracks are all amazing as a whole and individually bring a different hype and excitement.

Savoy certainly started off their year out on a very happy note with their tour still undergoing and many more surprises to come in the future. On that note, keep an eye out for a collab that will be happening in conjunction with Wolfgang Gartner’s label. Don’t forget to also check out Savoy’s new EP, available for free on their website.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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