On the Verge: Infantree

At 4:15 PM each Tuesday, WERS brings you our On The Verge segment which highlights an artist we think is up-and-coming. This week’s artist On The Verge is the San Fernando Valley band, Infantree who’s fourth release Hero’s Dose dropped last August. Hero’s Dose marks their first release in two years. The record is their third full-length album, the others being 2010’s Would Work and their 2009 debut Tree-P.

The indie/folk-rock quartet is comprised of  Alex Vojdani, Jordan Avesar, Donald Fisher and Matt Kronish. In addition to the three records the quartet also released an EP Food For Thought in 2010.

The band states on their Myspace page that Infantree represents growth. They describe themselves as  using “harmony, like-mindedness, and an articulation of each individual’s role/capacity as a musician/human-being” when performing.

If this is something you would be interested in hearing then be sure to tune in this Tuesday at 4:15 to hear an exclusive in-studio performance and interview from Infantree omly on WERS.

By Kendall Stewart

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