Datsik Live At Royale Nightclub

Last week Canadian dubstep sensation Datsik (Troy Beetles) took his Firepower Records Tour and pressed the restart button launching his Firepower Reloaded Tour. It has been a little over a year since Datsik’s acclaimed Firepower Records started. He also made an appearance in Worcester’s Palladium during his first record tour in the fall. Since then, Datsik has produced some singles and mixes that he played at the Royale in downtown Boston. He was accompanied by Griz and with up-and-comer Rekoil. Let us not forget the extra heat that they were packing with their additional 50,000 watts of PK sound. This was sure to leave a hole in your chest as you raged your heart out.

Before entering the venue, there was a long line of people ready to go in. Not to mention a majority of them enduring the cold weather we experienced that night. Let’s not even talk about the fancy looking entertainers with hula-hoops and skirts and the guys with shorts and tank tops. I can’t even begin to question their endurance and commitment level. Although, inside was as packed as I have ever seen at the Royale, with a crowd filling up the main floor and a leak spurring up on the second floor looking down at the stage. Definitely a view any artist would love to see, specially noting that the tickets were sold out that night.

Griz definitely gave the crowd a treat with his mixes before Datsiks performance. Even though Griz was stuck on the side of the stage with nothing too fancy due to the huge vortex eating up the whole stage, he definitely kept his audience entertained. He played some his own tracks from his recent album, Mad Liberation, including some remixes from Two Fresh, “Du Du Doo,” and some collabs like “Power,” with Big Gigantic.

Datsik brought back his infamous vortex; which also looks like an enormous bass. The vortex itself was a very unique piece of Datsik’s performances, utilizing real-time 3D-mapping technology created by V Squared Labs. His songs literally warped into the vortex giving everyone a unique show from every angle (and yes I did view it from every angle). Even when he played some of his newly released singles from soon to be released EP, “Cold Blooded (Part One),” with Excision “Vindicate,” the deep blue bass was sure enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. He also introduced his Trap version of “Guess I Got My Swagger Back,” not only staying within his dubstep root but bringing us a hip-hop feel in the mix. But of course he couldn’t resist giving us something deeper like “Machete,” which features Snak the Ripper & Young Sin. The additional 50,000 watts wasn’t a joke either as it scurried the whole venue making you pay attention to the music and keeping all eyes front. Forget about talking with your friend, they would have to wait until the end of the show, that is, if you didn’t go deaf by then.

An overall enjoyable show, especially with the amazing visual effects of the vortex. This is a tour worth seeing especially with a stage set-up that could be a once in a lifetime experience. As for Firepower records, we will be looking forward what their next big move will be and what they will treat us with artists like: Terravita, Hizzleguy, Subnatix, AFK, Barron, Getter, Rekoil, The Frim, and DKS.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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