Throwback Thursday: Led Zeppelin

Celebration Day

This week, we’re going to have a special extended edition of Throwback Thursday, as we’ll be playing tracks from Led Zeppelin’s recently released concert film and album Celebration Day.

The show featured in Celebration Day took place in London in 2007.  It was part of the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert, which benefited Ertegun’s own education charity, and has the distinction of holding the world record for the “Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert” as 20 million requests for the show were rendered online.  It was also the first full-length show that the band had played since the death of John Bonham in 1980.  Clearly, expectations were high.  Despite a track record of being somewhat disappointing to their fans since Bonham’s death, in this one-off show Zeppelin totally delivered.  With Bonham’s own son – Jason – filling in ably on drums, the band tore through a set stacked with classics.  In case there was any doubt, Zeppelin can still bring the thunder.

Any fan of Led Zeppelin or concert albums in general would do well not to miss this one.  That goes doubly for today’s Throwback Thursday, as we’ll also be featuring segments with the band talking about the show and their songs.  So, Zeppelin fans, pencil us into your schedule at 5pm today for Throwback Thursday!

By Bentley J. Holt

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