Kate Earl Live In Studio

As Kate Earl begins her tour that includes shows from both the East and West coast, she took some time to come into our WERS studios to sing a few songs for us. All three songs were off of her new album Stronger, which was released November 20th, only a few weeks ago.

“My new album Stronger and my first album Fate Is the Hunter are sister albums, in my opinion. The musicianship, quality, and lineup of amazing contributing artists is prevalent on both albums. We have people like Brett Dennen, Blake Mills, and Andrew Wyatt along with so many phenomenal others that work often enough that they didn’t need to take the time to do this, but did out of their own kindness.”

After grabbing a quick bite to eat outside of the studio before starting, she started her three song set with “One Woman Army”. Right off of the bat one can tell that this is an experienced voice singing over a tap-your-foot strum style of an acoustic guitar. As the chords from the guitar rang, her voice accompanied them fully and beautifully, and along with a backup vocalist, lyrical presence was definitely something to note.

Next on the list was a song of hers entitled “Wicked Love”. This slow and relaxed song gave Kate a chance to really show the variety in her voice. Ranges were explored over sliding guitar riffs and a fun and rumbling bass line that allowed her voice to keep your attention and make you listen to what the lyrics had to say. The highs and lows she was hitting were astounding, and something truly unique to listen to. The raw feeling that emits from her voice as she sings is something that demands the attention of whoever is in the room.

“I try and always sing from the heart. I take the past highs and lows of my own life, and tap into them while I sing in order to make sure the audience knows I’m singing with a purpose. Whatever I’m experiencing, be it good, bad, or ugly, I make sure it comes through in the songs I sing.”

She finished up her set with a catchy tune called “California”. This “tongue and cheek song about being a musician in Los Angeles” tells a story of her struggles “making it” in the Sunshine State, being a young girl from Alaska. Verses were notable with their humming bass line and a whisper-like vocal, whereas the chorus picked up to a loud strumming of chords with catchy and harmonious vocals from both Kate and her friend doing backup vocals. The sort of feeling that she captures in this song is something that could only come from experience, which she most certainly has.

“My biggest inspiration for my music is life. What I do is always cathartic, and I think a huge piece of being a musician is being able to use it as a form of self-therapy. I have a choice and power to be the sovereign over those experiences, meaning I can take an emotion that hurt me, and make it a positive thing for people to hear. It’s very transformative.”

By Patrick Prendergast
Photo by Mary Kennedy

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