Jordan Salvatoriello Wins Directors Guild of America Award

Emerson College alumna Jordan Salvatoriello, a 2012 MFA graduate in Media Arts, has received an award from the Director’s Guild of America just months after graduation. Jordan Salvatoriello ’12 won the Jury Prize in the women filmmakers category for Graceland Girls, a documentary about the education of girls in Kenya. Salvatoriello filmed the documentary at the Graceland boarding school for girls for a month while still enrolled at Emerson earlier this year. She used the film as her master’s project, which is required for graduation.

The award not only marks an exciting moment for Salvatoriello, but the young Media Arts program at Emerson College as well. “We’re particularly proud of Jordan,” Program Director, Jan Roberts-Breslin said. “It’s an award only open to big film and media art graduate programs. It’s a beautiful and inspiring film that champions the cause of educational opportunity for all young women.”

Regarding the award, Salvatoriello is incredibly grateful. “I’m really excited to be recognized by such a prestigious organization. That’s huge,” Salvatoriello said. “There’s always this idea that a student film is not professional. But with Emerson’s support, I was able to make this a professional-quality film that was worthy of recognition,” said Salvatoriello.

Salvatoriello, who lives in Boston, won four “Feminism in Film” awards at the Women’s Independent Film Festival this year and her win was also recently mentioned in Variety. Based on Salvatoriello’s great success, clearly it will be exciting to continue watching what she does next.

By Anna Thorup

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