“¡DOS!” by Green Day

¡UNO!, the first album in Green Day’s current trilogy ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRE!, was a breath of fresh air coming from these guys that, since 2004, released two rock operas that were politically charged. ¡DOS!, like ¡UNO!, brings us back to that garage punk, beautifully angsty sound that we know and love this band for. The first two albums of this trilogy bring us back to the sounds of Dookie, Nimrod, and Warning.

¡DOS! offers a more alternative sound that reminds me of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s side band, Foxboro Hot Tubs. As expected, ¡DOS!, offers that three and four chord breakdown in almost every song. Jason White, long time touring back up guitarist and now official member of the band, brings a great new element to the table. He plays several riff-based verses that we’re not used to hearing from Green Day. He is also a talented vocalist, encouraging more three-part harmonies from the band. Billie has taken a lot more liberty in his guitar soloing, showing some definite improvement in technique over the years.

This album is nothing short of a party. Sex, drugs, girls, and that horrible morning after feeling is what you’ll find in ¡DOS!. That being said, the band certainly took some risks and showed us a side of them that we haven’t seen too much of before. “See You Tonight”, the first song on the album, is a roughly one minute ballad accompanied with just a guitar with two part harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkle. “F**K Time”, “Makeout Party,” and “Nightlife” are sexually driven songs that make no attempt at being discreet, describing the highly sexual urges of Billie Joe and often including orgasmic grunts.

Along with these feelings of lust, we also find that all too familiar feeling of desperation and self doubt in songs like “Lazy Bones”, featuring the lyrics “I don’t want your sympathy, I don’t want your honesty, I just want to get some peace of mind.” Some of the songs come from a darker place, despite the presence of love for an equally damaged partner. The song “Wild One” describes an object of infatuation as “Little wild one”, and stating “My heart is a chaser, she’s strung out on razors now.” The song “Nightlife” includes vocals from Lady Cobra of the group Mystic Knights of the Cobra, certainly something we’ve never seen from Green Day before. Intercut between verses are her Lady Cobra rapping, luring you into her bed like a porn star.

The final song on the album and arguably the most anticipated is “Amy”, a beautiful tribute to Amy Winehouse that wont fail to pull on the heartstrings. Billie, on his acoustic guitar, sings directly to the late rock idol saying “…please don’t go. Do you wanna be a friend of mine?”

All in all, any punk rocker will find some aspect of ¡DOS! that he or she likes, as the 13 track album covers just about every feel we know from Green Day, plus more. While it may not outshine ¡UNO!, ¡DOS! is a great album to listen to if you’re looking to have a good time.

By Johnny Quinones

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