Blink-182 Recording New EP

Blink-182 spent time in the studio last week putting some songs together, according to Rolling Stone. These sessions in a the Los Angeles studio are apart of an effort to put out an EP by Christmas. This will be their first release since the 2011 album Neighborhoods, which was their first new material in eight years. Drummer Travis Barker says, “This EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods.” So far the band has five songs that are already pretty flushed out. Some tracks take the pop-punk band down a new path, as Barker says that one song is “very folky.”

Barker also says that the recording process for this EP is much better than how they went about creating Neighborhoods. They’re recording it all together in the studio as opposed to sending elements of the album back and forth to each other through e-mail. This is also the first album since their 1994 debut Cheshire Cat to be released independently after breaking ties with Interscope, who they’ve worked with since 1997. Looking forward, the band will be recording a full album early next year with hopes to release it by the end of 2013 (Rolling Stone).

By Anthony Cantone Heinze

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