Steve Aoki Live In Concert

If you are a cake owner in the Worcester area and was recently visited by a customer who ordered multiple large cakes with Dim Mak marked on the top. Well that only means one thing: Steve Aoki is in the house! It hasn’t been long since we’ve last spoke about Aoki on our Revo Radar, but it’s a pleasure to revisit this artist and his never ending adventures performing all around the world.

I must point out though that the venue itself wasn’t as influenced with his music and appearance as his past visit at the House of Blues in February in his Deadmeat Tour. It did bring down the sort of energy that could have been added on to the crowd instead of the basic red and blue lighting paused with not even a fancy flux. Even Datsik who performed earlier this month came through with an impressive lighting appearance performing inside of a bass. But of course we can’t blame Aoki for this because he made sure he did his part throughout the night.

As huge Aoki fans, we’ve seen him live in action quite a few times. We all know that no Aoki party is complete without the cake and champagne but we couldn’t help but notice the absence of another signature move. Aoki typically surfs through the crowd on his bright yellow blowup raft. Unfortunately, in Worcester, that was nowhere to be seen (except with the press pass, I found it hanging out backstage). Aoki not crowd surfing was unlike him but of course we had other people to make up for that. A couple of fans found themselves weaving through the crowd.

But we can’t say the show itself wasn’t good either because if you know Aoki good enough, is that he knows how to go out with a bang. He was able to treat us with some of his new tunes that he recently created in the past few months. Some of his new songs that he released beginning of the summer, “Beat Down” with Angger Dimas ft. Iggy Azalea, and another release late this summer, “Duran Duran, Hungry Like the Wolf”. The songs are both very different, which is something that Aoki never fails to bring: some variety. Another song that has returned and made its way to his playlist in some of his shows is Aoki’s remix to Girls’ “Generation, Mr. Taxi”. All amazing songs if I may add with a certain energy and mood that would make the crowd going for sure. That’s the thing about Aoki; he will vary from his old school roots of rock and transition it back to electro. A transition I have yet to see anyone disappointed in hearing at his events.

Knowing Aoki, we know for a fact that this won’t be the last time we hear from him and we are more than positive that his visits back to Massachusetts won’t end here. We will definitely be expecting more from this talented man all over the sound waves and keep an eye out in a city near you because he can be doing an #Aokijump anywhere!

By Juan Castillo-Then

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