Quinnterviews Picked Up on mtvU

A new face has emerged on mtvU, one that is well known on Emerson’s campus; Quinn Marcus ’13 was picked up by the channel for a series she calls Quinnterviews. The show follows Marcus conducting hilariously awkward man-on-the-street interviews on subjects ranging from the upcoming presidential election to, “How many guys do you think you could pick up dressed as a hairy banana hammock?” MtvU is a 24-hour channel that focuses on college life, a niche that Marcus fits seamlessly.

“The most interesting part of doing Quinnterviews is seeing how different people react to a camera being shoved in their face,” said Marcus. “Some people don’t want to be a part of it, but others will hand you their baby and answer anything you ask them.”

Quinnterviews are filmed all over Boston from Emerson College’s own campus to iParty to Collegefest and beyond. Yet Marcus is not the first to connect Emerson with the major television network. Noted alumni Doug Herzog ’81 is the president of MTV Networks Entertainment Group since 2004 and has noted in interviews how regularly Emerson students intern at the company in myriad departments and positions.

“I have [a] new network of younger Emersonians who are entering the ranks every year,” Herzog said. “There is a tremendous Emerson network out there, with a proud history of mentoring newcomers and pointing fellow alumni in the right direction.”

Marcus aspires to move to New York City post-graduation come May and will be filming Quinnterviews throughout the rest of her senior year. Within just a few weeks Quinnterviews has been featured in Emerson’s Berkeley Beacon, USA Today and the Boston Globe.

By Jeeyoon Kim

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