Boston Lyric Opera Live In Studio

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This November, the Boston Lyric Opera will have the opportunity to tell the tale of the tragic Madama Butterfly in the Citi Performing Arts Center, but before then we welcomed their lovely cast members into our studio.

Madama Butterfly is a popular Italian opera written by Giacomo Puccini exploring romance, devotion, and tragedy. We had the chance to experience the elegant ups and downs through two songs, “Unbeldi” and “ Addio Fiorito Asil”. Boston Lyric Opera performers Dinyar Vania and Yunah Lee were featured within each song. The sound that they pulled out within them was simply incredible and contained many awing depths.

The cast feels very close to this opera, not only because of their thorough rehearsal, but because of the opera itself. Vania explained Madama Butterfly to be “a beautiful piece of Italian literature.” This will be Vania’s second opera and a very versatile one at that. His enthusiasm exudes as he talked of the seven years in which he had dedicated his life to opera. It is refreshing to see a man who is so thankful for what he does, recognizing that he has the rare opportunity of working with his dearest friends each day. This will actually be his second play with Lee, the charater of Madama Butterfly.

Yunah Lee is also a type of musician that we treasure here at WERS. She doesn’t just perform; she lives out her character. Lee does not just play music; she is a musician. The way that she describes her character of Madama Butterfly made it seem as if she truly lived in Madama’s body for a couple years and returned to perform this opera. Lee explains this to be her signature role, sympathizing for Madama’s pain. “By now, Madama Butterfly and I are best friends,” Lee explained.

This is also a special opera, knowing that Lee started her opera career in 1995 with another Puccini opera, La Bohème. She has been in for quite the dramatic roles, but she adds an empathetic voice with her mature full tones and power to push them through.

Boston Lyric Opera have provided a group of strong talented voices, but it is the companionship that will make this opera something worthwhile. The characters are shown at their complete highs and lows, the story is incredibly written, and the execution will probably be flawless, but when the lights are not on the characters they are so compassionate towards each other. This is what makes the dynamics so effective and the play so much more fluid.

Definitely try to get your ticket to see Madama Butterfly performed by Boston Lyric Opera at the Citi Performing Center November 2-9th. They gave us a wonderful last day to our Live Music Week and I am sure that they have a treat in store for anyone who gets the chance to watch them play out this dramatic piece.

By Lauren Moquin
Photo by Sara Selevitch

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