Speakeasy Stage: Election Eve

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Mary Callan, Kerry A. Dowling, and Leigh Barrett make up three-fourths of the production All About Election Eve. The show is series of comedic and satirical musical numbers concerning the upcoming election, and performed, appropriately so, on the eves prior to the election. The women, however, share much more than a stage. The three have been performing with each other in a number of productions for years, yet prior to now there “hasn’t been a stage big enough” for them — and by that they mean their big personalities and general personal compatibility. The three could not help but chew the fat and joke around with each other during every free moment they had. Their light-hearted attitudes and endearing sense of humor translated right into their performances.

Each of the ladies performed a solo piece from the upcoming show, starting with Mary Callan. She sang a piece accompanied by only a pianist called “Don’t Tax the Beautiful Girls”, a comical plea to the government asking for just that. She managed to plug the show on air seamlessly into the song, and had I not known otherwise, I would have thought it was part of the song. She could not contain her theatrical spirit, emoting all the words she sang despite knowing it was just for radio. However, from the way she sang it, it would not be hard to imagine her mannerisms having only heard the performance.

The next song was performed by Kerry A. Dowling (A for “awesome” or better yet A for “America”). She sang a tune about, as she described it, “politics of relationships.” She sang looking genuinely exasperated and frustrated, and the inflection in her voice suggested true aggravation. She had an undeniable stage presence despite the lack of a stage. The song and the show is meant to “give you a night off” from all the stress that ensues for the American citizen during the election season. “You can’t turn on the TV or the radio with political ads being rammed down your throats” they said, and All About Election Eve is a clever show that satirizes that sentiment.

Leigh Barrett sang the last, and perhaps most comically relevant piece performing the character of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The song was a cry to the Republican gods asking to be “rich, famous, and powerful”. As if there was not enough sarcastic egotism already, Barrett added a few boastful references to her (Ryan’s) “rock hard abs” accompanied by her pounding her fist on her torso. The song was sharp, witty, and refreshingly modern, and the Barrett’s brilliant performance made it resonant. I found myself humming the tune uncontrollably on the way out of the studio.

All About Election Eve is a two night only show premiering November 4th and 5th. The show has “something for all musical types, and all political types.” The women were quite excited for the show, and, judging by their performance at WERS, their audience should be just as excited as well.

By Kevin O’Brien
Photo by Patrick Prendergast

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