Red Wanting Blue Live In Studio

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Though lead singer Scott Terry told me later that having a beard is not a requirement for be a member of Red Wanting Blue, he and fellow band members Mark, Greg, Dean, and Eric definitely qualified. Scott gave a mustache topped grin upon starting. He had a voice and sound slightly akin to the Barenaked Ladies, which was already fantastic. Personally I was already sold as I will always love a tall man with a ukelele. Besides the ukelele there was the banjo, acoustic guitar, electric bass, and percussion. Dean, the percussionist, proved himself extremely innovative and on top of it throughout the performance — he played a variety of instruments from a suitcase to a small colored xylophone. The percussion added exactly what the songs needed to get the perfect sound with great punctuation at choruses and endings. As they set up they joked about the last time they were at the studio more than five months ago, which was crazy, and about their various memorabilia or “Red Wanting Memora-blue-ia” as the host called it.

The first song they played was “Pour It Out” — the title being the content of the great sounding chorus which was very strong and led them into a harmonic jam full of the twang of many strings. They sang in the end that there was “no place like home” and indeed that was the feeling of their song. The band’s home is Columbus, Ohio, a place they obviously love and are taking a break to go back to in November.

Next was “Dinosaur” which was also off of their latest album, From the Vanishing Point. This song had the perfect blend of banjo and guitar, with a powerful beat from the bass underlining it all adeptly. Scott was very into it, letting loose with great hand gestures and away from the microphone yells. Along with Scott two or three of the others would join in for some smashing harmonies.

The band has played at many cool places on their tour. Scott mentioned playing at the Hard Rock in Nashville, the House of Blues in New Orleans and playing with the band Smashing Pumpkins in Austin. He had a peanut butter and bacon burger in the French Quarter of New Orleans which was not, or so he tells me, as gross as it sounds. The band is also looking forward to their first Canadian tour later this year.

“Audition” was next, a song they are very proud of as they played it on Letterman earlier this year. They played the acoustic version for us and the banjo intro set it off perfectly. The band sang together and wished to “take back all the times I couldn’t hold you.” There were some very endearing Peter Pan references at the beginning of the song, making it a definite winner.

The band formed in college and Scott says that what he gained from it was that he knew it was not just a college thing. He knew it was what he wanted to do and that he wanted to get serious about it. So serious they got, and we were pleased to hear their music live in our studio!

By Sofia Drummond-Moore
Photo by Chris Gillespie

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