Good Old War Live In Studio

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To watch video of Good Old War perform “Better Weather” Click Here!

Good Old War knows how to convey a nostalgic happiness – one that has you crying happy tears while reminiscing on some good memory that has long passed. Their music is evocative in this sense, especially in their most recent album, Come Back As Rain, which according to Keith Goodwin (vocals/guitar/keyboard) was partly inspired by “that longing for home that happens when you’re away all the time.”

In studio, they performed three songs from this latest album, which was released in March of this year, and they claim is their “most finely crafted record to date.” First up was their hit “Coney Island”, which immediately got some toes tapping and hands clapping in the studio. And very quickly, Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold, and Dan Schwartz began weaving in their well-known harmonies that kept the sometimes sorrowful lyrics uplifted: “I can’t let this go I’m on my way/ And you can only hold my diamond ring/ I’ll go crawling back to the city I love/ Cause it’s already taken everything.” Despite the personal feel of the song, the guys seemed nonchalant, even striking a pose after the last note to hold it for as long as possible. Good Old War continued their upbeat, playful vibe during their next song, “Better Weather”. As the song went on, all three were dancing with their eyes closed and intently singing the catchy refrain “Oh oh oh, we’ll pray for some better weather.” Lead singer Goodwin informed us that “Better Weather” are filming a music video for it and will soon be releasing it as their next single. The third and last song of the set was “Loud Love”, that Goodwin says they chose to play for WERS “because we all have a verse and it’s cool to show that to people.” Each band member wrote and now performs their respective verses, showing off their distinctive singing styles that a listener is used to hearing blended into blissful melodies.

Good Old War has a wonderful sense of camaraderie that shines through in all aspects of their musicianship. When asked how they keep their passion alive and stay motivated to make good music, Dan Schwartz (vocals/guitar) asserted, “I think that having good communication between the three of us is important. When we’re pumped about something or when something’s not going exactly the way each person is comfortable with, being able to say and communicate these things with each other keeps it fresh and good and fun.”

Even better? The origin of their band name: Keith GOODwin, Tim ArnOLD, and Dan SchWARtz. Good Old War. They said they wanted their band name to be about all three of them and connect them in some way. After thinking about it for a while, lead singer Goodwin explained, “My wife called us up and was like, ‘How do you feel about Good Old War’? … and that’s the first thing we all thought was cool… so really that was her.” Since starting together in 2008, they’ve been pushing themselves to do things like switching instruments mid-song or playing two instruments at the same time – which they claim has been coming to them a lot easier the more they play. Even more evident was the enthusiasm and comfort they bring to their relationship with each other. How was the session today? “Awesome”, “It was amazing”, “Couldn’t have been better,” they said one right after another; then they shared a smile and started laughing.

By Madelyn Reese
Photo by Patrick Prendergast

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