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To watch video of ALO perform “Speed of Dreams” Click Here!

Of the four members in California bred ALO, three have been playing together since middle school. Steve Adams, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, and Zach Gill have been playing together for over twenty years, and that experience surely shows. The addition of Dave Brogan over ten years ago behind the drum kit was the necessary element in forming the successful and impressively talented ALO of today.

These guys play their music with so much excitement and enthusiasm that any audience is compelled to watch and listen. Their songs are tight (although not always short), well-structured, and most importantly, approachable. The musicianship within this band is as good as it gets for an often labeled “jam band,” yet their lyrics are relatable and honest. When the four of them come together and start making their sweet music, a real organic begins to flow out of them. After knowing each other and performing together for so long, it seems that the creative process has been refined to an artful craft.

Today in the WERS studios ALO played three songs, all with acoustic instruments. The fundamental change in their sound from the full electric and loud gig that they usually play was not only tolerable, it was quite enjoyable. The natural, wooden instruments really emphasized their ability to play fluidly and with skill. Zach Gill’s lead vocals were clear and present in a way that isn’t the same on their recorded music. His voice was distinguishable from, yet complimentary to the rest of the band. It’s also great to hear all of the inspiring and sincere lyrics of each song with clarity.

ALO played the Life is Good festival last month. “It was really nice,” said Lebo. “They were sold out but there was plenty of room in there… there were two stages, but they alternate so it’s nice that you can see it all.”

Since ALO’s latest album, Sounds Like This, was released in May, the band has been touring all around the country in support of their record and this stop at WERS was their last gig before they head back to California. They will be back in the spring supporting Sounds Like This – or a possible EP, according to Zach.

Public radio has been a huge supporter of ALO since their start and they claim that without public radio, they would probably not ever have been on the radio at all. Independent stations have been their only opportunity to play on the airwaves.

After listening to the lyrics and watching the goodness that seems to be spilling from each member during their performance, it’s easy to see what this music means to them. It’s a reminder and a proclamation that life is best enjoyed when the little things are cherished. I don’t know if it’s the California vibes that these guys give off, but they are convincing that a cruising tempo, bright chord progressions, and honest lyrics are the best way to play music, and in some symbolic way, to live life.

By Chris Paredes
Photo by Sara Selevitch

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