Melanie Lynx Live In Studio

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To watch video of Melanie Lynx perform “First Time” Click Here!

Melanie Lynx arrived at WERS this afternoon with a handful of catchy songs and a positive, bubbly attitude. The pop singer arrived with guitarist Anthony Greco and both were friendly and easy-going. Though still a student at Berklee College, Lynx already has a lot of experience under her belt. Not only has she written and recorded her own music, she has performed at the famous Carnegie Hall and Apollo Theater and was even a part of American Idol season 10!

Lynx has a powerful voice and impressive range perfectly suited for pop music. Name any song by Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, or Demi Loavato, and Lynx could take it and make it her own. When discussing her influences and development as an artist, she explained “I’m influenced by everything I hear.” This range includes everything from hip-hop to jazz, but there is a special spot in her heart for pure pop. “I’ve always loved pop and always listened to pop. [Growing up] I never really sang pop, but I figured I should sing something I enjoy listening to.” And she has certainly created something others enjoy listening to. No matter your preference in music, Lynx has a voice and presence that command attention.

Lynx and Greco opened their set with “I Spy,” a high-energy song that allowed Lynx to show off her ability to hit the high notes. Next they played “First Time,” Lynx’s debut single, which is also available on iTunes and a music video on YouTube. This song is perfect for Lynx. The lyrics are innocent and playful but still clever, such as “We got matching rings at the convenience store/twenty-five cents/couldn’t ask for more.” She grooves to the music in such a cheery way her audience can’t help but smile and want to dance along. To close, Lynx and Greco played “Perfectly Flawed,” though there was nothing flawed about Lynx’s vocal performance. Her voice was rich and full, able to hit both the lower notes and hit the high ones. But no matter what song she sang, Lynx always had a big smile.

Lynx has performed in venues around Boston such as Tommy Doyle’s and Capiz’s Lounge, and fans can expect more shows to come. She explains, “I love live shows, you can feed off the energy of the crowd.” Lynx learned to perform in a bit of an unexpected place: weddings. For the past several years, she and some Berklee friends have provided the music for weddings in New England. “It’s cool, that’s where I learned the most about performing,” she says. Of course, her time on American Idol was a learning experience as well. “I tried out for American Idol two seasons ago and I went in as a vocalist but not necessarily as an artist. I think they really look for someone they can shape into being an artist.” Given her talent and experience, it is safe to say Lynx is a full-fledged artist now. She laughs, “If all else fails, I’ll try out for American Idol again.” With such a positive attitude and talent like hers, it’s hard to see Lynx failing anytime soon.

By Mary Kennedy

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