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Not every group that visits the WERS studio to perform uses all the spare time before going live on-air to rehearse and perfect their performances. Then again, most groups that come in to perform at the acclaimed college-radio station are not also made up of students of the college.

Acappellics Anonymous traveled all the way across Tremont Street from the main Emerson College campus to perform live in the WERS studio during All A Cappella – WERS’s own aptly titled all a cappella music program – as part of the ongoing Live Music Week.

As soon as they got into the studio, the group of thirteen Acappellics began practicing. While it is usual for groups to perform sound checks upon arriving in studio, the members of Acappellics raised the bar by using every available minute to rehearse and adjust their performances until it met their own high standards.

Although outside the studio, they are your average group of fun-loving, goofy college students, one glance at the group singing synchronized around the microphone in the center of the studio, and it becomes clear that when it comes to their music, Acappellics Anonymous aren’t messing around. They are bent on – perhaps even addicted to as their name suggests – providing the best possible a cappella music that they can.

But as any performer knows, rehearsals are important, but at the end of the day, you’re only as good as your last performance. Not surprisingly, the expertise and care that the members of Acappellics brought in their practice sessions translated over flawlessly to their on-air performance.

The first of their extremely tight-night harmonies was an a cappella cover of Jessie J’s 2011 hit “Price Tag.” The group did justice to the catchy pop-tune, staying true to the original, while also adding their own a cappella flair. The cover was even complete with a hip-hop interlude that sounded just as crisp as B.o.B. While lesser groups may have chosen to forgo the rap verse due to difficulty, Acappellics Anonymous identified the challenge and rose to the occasion.

Following this, Acappellics went back in time to cover The Beatles’ 1965 classic “Help!” While it might be nerve-racking to perform a song by the most popular band of all time over public radio, Acappellics Anonymous were fearless. Using only their voices, they managed to accurately portray all of the Fab Four’s instruments in addition to all the vocal parts. An ironic song choice for the group who, based on their incredible harmonization, need very little actual “help.”

The Acappellics finished with a funky rendition of Maroon 5’s smash single “Moves Like Jagger.” Performing with a level of energy that both Adam Levine and Mick Jagger would applaud, the members of Acappellics Anonymous rocked out in the studio and it did not go unnoticed. Pedestrians walking up and down Tremont could not help but to look and do double-takes when they realized that the near perfect a cappella music that they heard above them was actually coming from the group of talented, energetic college students live behind the window. More heads turned more than anything when, in the middle of “Jagger,” the Acappellics seamlessly threw in a lightning fast shout-out to the recent pop-sensation, “Gangnam Style.”

Once the performance was over, the members of Acappellics Anonymous celebrated and embraced each other as a group. At that moment, they rejoiced in knowing that all their time-consuming hard-work and training was worth it as they could share their music with the large listening audience of WERS. Surely more rehearsal is in their immediate future if they want to continue perfecting their a cappella art but right now, this group of college students’ next order of business is quite clear: ice cream!

Yes, just example of another day in the lives of your average Emerson College students: incredibly hard-working, passionate, and determined when they need to be and ready to goof off and have fun in the city immediately after.

By Christopher Gillespie
By Sofia Drummond-Moore


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