Revo Radar: Puppet on Crack

If you’ve been on the Beatport website over the past week or so, you’ve probably noticed the song that loads up on the home page. The track is called “The Navajo Jack” by The Puppet on Crack, an up-and-coming producer from the UK. I’ve personally been following this artist for the better part of a year now, and after stumbling upon his music, I became instantly hooked into the intense energy that he pounds into all of his music (like this).

The Puppet on Crack performs all of his sets wearing a mask that you might see on Halloween night, similar to that of UK Dubstep producer Funtcase and the Italian duo The Bloody Beetroots. Behind the mask, however, is Chad Fulton, a South African born DJ who has been heavily influenced by trance superstars Tiesto and Paul Van Dyke, as well as the local “Jackin” and “Fidget” scenes of South African clubs.

These Jackin and Fidget styles appear in almost all of Fulton’s music, combining his own form of trance-like synths with deep electro bass, creating banger after banger which could all easily be spun in almost any club setting.

South Africa, which has one of the largest but isolated house music industries in the world, became renowned for its “Kwaito” genre back in the ’90s, which relied heavily on African drum and vocal samples. The Puppet On Crack uses these types of samples in his own music, creating a unique blend of South African beats and catchy hooks that could be appreciated throughout the EDM scene.

One of the most characteristic features of the “Jackin” scene is the crazy dance style associated with it. Imagine Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk at four times the speed in one place while jumping up and down… and you’ve got “Skitting.” The high energy of this South African dance style draws on two-step and shuffling, and looks just as Jackin sounds; intense, disorienting, in-sync, and constantly pounding, all at once.

On his SoundCloud, where much his music can be streamed for free, Fulton insists “The ‘Puppet on Crack’ is just an ‘Idea’ or a ‘style’ to say, for if people praise or love ‘The Puppet on Crack’ it then becomes a love or praise for the idea or style of it and not for the person himself. Ensuring that the person behind the mask is not wrongly worshipped. Keeping Producer and Idea Separate is essential for passion in creating music and creating passion in others.”

The Puppet on Crack is currently producing music on Bone Idle Recordings, and more information can be found on him here.

By Noah Mahrer

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