Needham Community Theater Live In Studio

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The Needham Community Theater came into our studio wearing wide eyes and beaming smiles with the anticipation for their production of “Seussical The Musical”. The group huddled together around two microphones and surrounded us in their upbeat world.

“Seussical The Musical” is a play combing multiple classic Dr. Seuss stories including, “Horton Hears A Who”, “The Lorax”, and “Green Eggs And Ham”, just to name a few. The Needham Community Theater did an excellent job in bringing out the whimsical nature of the stories that we have learned to love over the years.

The group introduced their set with “Amazing Mayzie”, where Mayzie, the sassy and pretty tough bird of a character, is featured. Her long syllables and flashy style plays us through her woe of only growing one new feather. The group chimed in with some quirky responses and harmonies to lead up to an impressive ending note.

“Alone In The Universe” sent us for another loop. It’s sweet lines of hope made for maybe a few tears. The warm piano harmonies laid out the foundation for the wonder of Horton and Jojo Horton’s soft banter. The contrast between the matured voice of Horton and the young voice of Jojo made for something that really made for something special. The way that all the different personalities of The Needham Community Theater play together, remind you how a community really works. They are patient with each other to work with these contrasts within the songs. It is something special and beautiful to watch.

They left us off with “Biggest Blame Fool”, narrated by The Cat In The Hat”. Within the song they talk about something that I don’t think any of us would want to be called, “The blame fool of the Jungle of Nool”. The energy within this one just summed up the session. As a member soloed a deep soulful couple lines, the group really got moving as they played through the wacky lyrics. The Needham Community Theater gave us something fun and incredibly to wake up to this Saturday morning.

If you would like to see The Needham Community Theater perform their production of “Seussical The Musical” see them perform at the Carleton Auditorium in Needham, M.A.

Performance Dates:
December 7th @ 8p.m
December 8th @ 7p.m
December 9th @ 2p.m
December 14th @ 8p.m
December 15th @ 7p.m
December 16th at 2p.m

By Lauren Moquin
Photo by Madelyn Reese

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