Crystal Castles at House of Blues

On October 6, we had a chance to experience a different direction in the EDM artist we tend to cover. That’s right — we went to see Crystal Castles at the House of Blues. The experimental electronic group consists of vocalist Alice Glass and producer Ethan Kath. This team has been around since 2004 and it wasn’t until 2008 when they released their first album and was ranked the top 100 greets albums of the decade by NME. They also have a second album that was released two years prior and a third addition to the family will enter. As of yesterday October 9, 2012, they announced on their Facebook page information of their new album (III), with album cover and the songs list included for this new release.

The show itself was a different experience from any other I’ve witnessed; this experimental electronic group don’t just play their tunes off a mixing board but they come as a band playing their individual instruments. When listening to their music its something that will bring out the inner child and make you realize the sort of 8-bit feel in most of their music. It can be integrated into any videogame RPG if you ask me. One of their new songs, “Wrath of God”, is a perfect example, staring off with piano keys and progressively evolving into this 8-bit-orchestra-experimental-vocal-electro mix. Even though it may sound complex the way I state it, it will take your imagination to a whole different world. Another song that will take you into this whole different world is another from their new releases is “Plague”, which again consist of that beautiful, orchestrated, electro 8-bit feeling.

As in for the venue itself, well, you can never go wrong at the House of Blues. The lighting always seems to leave me at a trance and they have done the same applying it with Crystal Castles. There was definitely a lot of strobe lights with some pitch black and pulsing lighting occurring at the same time. Let us not forget the fact that Glass also added on by literally standing on the crowd and performing at the same time. Glass really loves her crowd though so she jumped in multiple times to be with them and perform at the same time.

Crystal Castles is definitely a group I would like to keep my ears open for any new updates. It’s a group that I can see a lot of integration in this widely expanding EDM cultural. With a new upcoming album soon to be released on November 5, 2012 and a huge tour date from here on until April, 2013, I really hope to see some more projects and releases revolving to their continuous experimental style.

By Juan Castillo-Then

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