Interpol Releasing Deluxe Reissue of Debut Album

Interpol came strong onto the scene with their 2002 debut album Turn on the Bright Lights and to celebrate that breakthrough, the band is releasing a deluxe version of the album on the 10 year anniversary of its release. The band has announced that on November 20, they will re-issue a completely remastered version of the album as a 2 disc CD and DVD, a double LP and DVD, and digitally. The package that comes with the album will include a hardbound (or digital) book of unreleased photos, a second disc contains unreleased demos and b-sides, and a DVD featuring three music videos “PDA”, “NYC”, and “Obstacle 1” as well as concert footage from the band’s performance at Mercury Lounge (NYC) in May 2000 and Troubadour (LA) in September 2002. Fans who pre-order the package will receive a replica of the band’s first merch item which is an Interpol button. About the release, guitarist Daniel Kessler said on the band’s website, “We never could have imagined that the album would have reached so many people throughout the world… We wanted to do something special for the fans who have always supported us. We wanted to do something special for the best fans in the world. We hope you enjoy it.”

Here’s the full track listing including bonus materials:

1. Untitled
2. Obstacle 1
3. NYC
4. PDA
5. Say Hello to the Angels
6. Hands Away
7. Obstacle 2
8. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
9. Roland
10. The New
11. Leif Erikson

Bonus Material:

1. Interlude [iTunes single]
2. Specialist ^
3. PDA #
4. Roland #
5. Get the Girls (Song 5) #
6. Precipitate @
7. Song Seven (Original version) @
8. A Time to Be So Small (Original version) @
9. Untitled ! * =
10. Stella ! * =
11. NYC ! =
12. Leif Erikson ! * =
13. Gavilan (Cubed) ! *
14. Obstacle 2 % =
15. Hands Away % =
16. The New % * =
17. NYC % * =

^ from Interpol EP, 2002
# First demo, 1998
@ Second demo, 1999
! Third demo, 2001
% Peel Session, 2001
* Previously unreleased
= only available on coupon included with vinyl version

By Garren Orr

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